About Us

At the core of the Tendergrass Farms identity is our vision of sustaining family farms by serving as a channel for their superior quality grass fed beef, pastured pork, pastured chicken and pastured turkey to find its way to committed pastured meat fans like yourself. Our online marketplace serves as a way for our customers to support a number of small family farms that might not otherwise be able to find the customers they need to survive.

Our partner farmers raise their animals in a 100% pasture-based environment according to our strict grass fed production standards here on the beautiful hills and pastures of the southeastern United States. By implementing rigorous grass fed standards we are able to offer naturally raised meats of distinction that are truly unparalleled in terms of animal husbandry and welfare, culinary refinement and flavor, as well as purity and wholesomeness.

As Christians, we work for the glory of God and strive to serve both our customers and our partner farmers with consistency and integrity that can be counted on. Thanks for taking a moment to see what we’re all about. Please feel free to call us anytime at 1-800-929-1785 if you'd like any more information about what we do here at Tendergrass Farms and why we do it.

At your service,

David Maren, Founding Farmer