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Beyond Organic Chicken

Beyond Organic Chicken from Tendergrass Farms is pasture raised. Our chickens are GMO-free and raised free of any chemicals such as antibiotics or artificial growth promotants. The pastures that our chickens reside in allow them to eat as nature intended, getting rich nourishment from an abundance of grasses, greens, legumes, and insects that supplement their diet. For more information about the differences between pastured chicken, "free range" chicken, and organic chicken click here.

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Pastured Boneless Skinless Chicken Breast

Two tender pastured beyond organic chicken breasts per package.

Whole Beyond Organic Chicken

4 to 5 LBS. GMO-free. Air chilled.

Beyond Organic Chicken Thighs

Three pastured beyond organic chicken thighs.

Pastured Chicken Legs

The kids' favorite cut of pastured chicken!

Beyond Organic Chicken Feet

Great for soup!

This item is out of stock
Pastured Beyond Organic Chicken Wings

Party-licious grass fed goodness.

Pastured Chicken Livers

Rich in micro-nutrients.

This item is out of stock