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Beyond Organic Pork from Tendergrass Farms is pasture raised. Our pork is GMO-free and raised free of any chemicals such as antibiotics or artificial growth promotants. The natural environment which our pigs are raised in allows them to eat as they would in nature, getting nourishment from lush grass and forage.

Note:  Starting with our new Certified Organic Lard in fall 2014, we will soon begin offering some certified organic pork options along with our pastured "Beyond Organic" pork. All products will be appropriately marked as either "Beyond Organic" or "Organic." For more information about our pastured pork standards and how our beyond organic pork compares to certified organic pork, click here. In a nutshell, the primary difference if that our new Certified Organic Pork is raised in barns with access to the outdoors and will be fed only herbicide, pesticide, and artificial fertilizer free, certified organic, non-GMO feed whereas our Beyond Organic Pork is raised outdoors with simply non-GMO feed.

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Organic Lard

Kettle-rendered, non-GMO fed, non-hydrogenated, organic lard!

$10.00 - $16.00
Organic Lard, 25 LBS

Great for restaurants and bakeries!

Organic Leaf Lard

Non-hydrogenated, kettle-rendered, organic leaf lard!

This item is out of stock
Pastured Pork Prosciutto

Pastured pork prosciutto! Ships for free.

Pastured Pork Hot Dog

Sugar-free, Nitrate-free, and GMO-free Pastured Pork Hot Dogs!

Beyond Organic Bratwurst

4 GMO-free Pastured Beyond Organic Brats.

This item is out of stock
Beyond Organic Ground Pork

Nitrate free. 16 oz. vacuum-sealed package.

Beyond Organic Italian Sausage

4 large rustic pastured pork sausages.

This item is out of stock
Pastured Pork Spare Ribs

Min 15 ounces. Guaranteed amazing.

Pastured Pork Bacon

Uncured, sugar-free, nitrate-free bacon.

This item is out of stock
Pastured Pork Chops

Two double-cut pastured boneless pork chops.

This item is out of stock
Pastured Pork Leaf Lard

Unrendered pork fat and leaf lard. Pure. Real. Unaltered.

$25.00 - $35.00
Pastured Beyond Organic Breakfast Sausage

Nitrate free. One pound vacuum-sealed pack.

This item is out of stock